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Energy Audit

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With Energy costs on the rise, and the need to reduce energy consumption becoming of high importance in the domestic, commercial and industrial market, we are continually looking for new products to assist their needs and ultimately achieve an affordable outcome  for our client base.

Commercial, Domestic and Industrial Energy Auditing and Consulting Service

Environmental Electrical Solutions Southwest offers a Energy Auditing and Consulting Service to all Clients. With the assistance of Clipsal, Schneider  Electrical and involvement with the EcoXpert PrograEnergy Management Cyclem, we can assist you and analyse your monthly energy usage, trace it to operational components, set energy bench marks,  address issues, assist in identifying high utility fees and work with you to make smarter decisions to reduce consumption.

Want an energy efficient package to suit your budget and needs, we can analyse your Business, Home, Workshop, Office or Factory and After a Free walk through consultation to identify where savings could be made, we can then proceed with a professional written report, power point presentation and *Nabers ratings* for your premises. The report will contain costings and information to improve the  energy rating of your building with realistic ROI (Return On Investment) your investment could be the first step to saving you Money while reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Be Informed

2. Get Ready

3. Take Action

1. Everyday our homes are consuming electricity to run our appliances. These appliances maybe consuming more power than necessary, leaving them exposed to extra heat and deterioration.

2. This is about making sense of our energy consumption and identifying energy hot spots around the home where you can save extra energy, while protecting your entire electrical system from power surges and spikes from the network operators.

3. What this means to you, the homeowner, is working out what you can do today to save more money in your pocket and become sustainable for the future, protecting your family and the enviroment too!